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M5 Software Build 158
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Product Overview

The M5 Software Build 158 is a basic compact Ultrasound device with versatile transducers for vascular, breast, thyroid, cardiac, and abdominal imaging. Medical Ultrasound images are created by computer and digital memory from the transmission and reception of mechanical high-frequency waves generated through a probe or transducer. The Ultrasound waves spread through the body, producing an echo where density changes occur. The echoes return to the transducer where they are converted back into electrical Signals, thus affecting the quality of images formed. The DVD-R professional Disk has a printed label on the top with the GE Part number, revision with copyrights and proprietary information. LOGIQ E9 complies with the regulatory requirements of the European Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices. It applies to the version R2.x/R3.x software for the LOGIQ E9 Ultrasound systems. It is designed for use with Windows 7 professional 32-bit and Windows 7 professional 64 bit operating systems. To install encore software, inert the DVD into the DVD drive of the computer and follow the onscreen prompts. Updating the software can take a minimum of 30-45 minutes, and the computer may reboot during installation.

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