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Fiber Optic Pad Large BiliSoft™
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Product Overview

The BiliSoft™ LED Phototherapy system uses a fiber optic cable to deliver light from high intensity LEDs to a woven Fiber Optic Pad. The pad is placed in a soft cover that is in contact with the patient. The fiber optic light pad comes in two sizes, large and small. The LED light source in the BiliSoft™ light box is focused on the fiber optic lenses at the end of the fiber optic cable connector. The fiber optic cable contains plastic fibers that transmit light from the light box to the light pad. The light pad is constructed of these plastic fibers woven into a mat. This patented process produces a light pad that emits light over its entire surface. Average light intensity depends on the size of the light pad. It has a template printed on its top, which can be used to measure irradiance level at each point on the center row. The pad is made up of TecoFlex™ which is biocompatible and latex free. The pad flat cover and nests are designed for use by both premature and full-term infants.

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