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Collimator Prodigy
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Product Overview

The Collimator Prodigy is a collimator which is designed and manufactured with high precision techniques and with adequate protection in order to ensure proper function. This product is free of all burrs and sharp edges. Its major components are the base plate assembly, shutter, tube, and top plate. The base plate assembly contains a lead shield tube insert, shutter pivot pin, spring holder pin. The tube is shielded by lead and inserted into the pocket groove of top plate as well as the base plate and secured by applying Armstrong A-12 epoxy resin adhesive. The lead insert is below flush on the surface in both top plate and base plate with no flaring around groove edges of the pins (shutter and spring holder) in the base plate. The flange completely engages with the shutter by pressing the sleeve bearing. The extension spring is attached with spring holder. The top plate is fitted with a lead shielded tube by dowel pins (which made up of alloy steel) and Armstrong A-12 Epoxy resin. The lad shielded tube flush is trimmed to the tube. The shutter is comprised of extension springs, spring holder, solenoid, solenoid plunger, linkage pin and E-Rings.

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