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Membrane Assembly Pack
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Product Overview

The Membrane Assembly Pack consist of membrane sub-assembly pack and an identification label. The membrane pack is an assembly that consists of with membranes, plastic sheets, a plastic bag and a label. The part is made of plastic and it has very good chemical, durability and has minimum electrical and thermal conductivity. The membrane is used in the Achilles test, warm water is filled in these membranes and contact your heel to provide a path for the ultrasound to pass. The heel is surrounded by warm water encapsulated between inflated membranes. Isopropyl alcohol is used to provide coupling between your heel and the membranes. The color of the membrane is white. This is being used in PET Discovery 600, UL LOGIQ P3 Expert, UL LOGIQ 180, XR (BMD) Achilles, UL LOGIQ F8, UL Voluson P8, XR (BMD) Achilles Express, XR (BMD) Prodigy, XF SFX90 Advantx, UL Vivid E9, XR (BMD) DPX Bravo, UL LOGIQ 3, XR (BMD) Prodigy Full Oracle, UL LOGIQ F6, UL Voluson 730 Pro and XR (BMD) Achilles Solo.

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