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Dust Filter
Vivid 7
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Product Overview

The Dust Filter is used in the ultrasound machines, Computed Tomography (CT) machines and in a few other Digital Imaging (DI) machines. It is a highly porous and permeable material, which filters the dust and protects the spares from getting damage. It is placed in between the cabinet of the equipment while packing. The dust filter is used in devices that measure various important parameters of a patient like ECG, EEG, pulse oximetry, spirometry, invasive blood pressure, airway flow /pressure, impedance respiration and Neuro Muscular Transmission (NMT), among others. The material used for the filter is a reticulated foam which has the unique filtering property. It can withstand very high temperatures and very low temperatures, without any change in its properties. It is widely being used in machines like LOGIQ 9, Voluson 730 EXPERT, Vivid 7 PRO, Signa LX 1.5T, Discovery NM630, CTe 1 – Slice, Advantage Workstation 4.2, Advantx LCA+, HiLight Advantage 1-Slice, IT ViewPoint 5, Compax 40E, RT 2800, IT Image Vault, IT ECHOPAC and many other medical diagnostic devices.

Compatible Products

Vivid 7

Vivid 7

The Vivid 7/Vivid 7 PRO ultrasound unit is a high performance digital ultrasound imaging system.The system provides image generation in 2D (B) Mode, Color Doppler, Power Doppler (Angio), M-Mode, Color M-Mode, PW and CW Doppler spectra, Tissue Velocity imaging and Contrast applications. The fully digital architecture of the Vivid 7/Vivid 7 PRO unit allows optimal usage of all scanning modes and probe types,throughout the full spectrum of operating frequencies.The Vivid 7 Dimension gives clinicians a better way to convey their findings to other cardiologists, referring physicians,EP physicians and patients. Now, cardiac anatomy,synchronicity and viability can be clearly communicated in imaging formats that are more familiar for your clinical partners, thus easier to understand.

• Real-time 4D imaging – provides more cardiac information to help clinicians better communicate the heart’s structure and function.
• 4D Tissue Synchronization Imaging (TSI) – propels Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI) to the next level by taking three simultaneous planes – from a single heartbeat at high frame rates – to create a flexible, dynamic 4D model with quantitative measurements to better communicate cardiac dyssynchrony.
• Bull’s-eye report formats and TSI surface mapping –communicate cardiac dyssynchrony in a visual display that should be more familiar to EP physicians.
• Blood Flow Imaging (BFI) – new vascular imaging mode gives clinicians a better understanding and delineation of directional blood flow in vessels.
• Seamless measurement integration – allows you to efficiently calculate ejection fraction and volumes from tri-plane images gathered from the same heartbeat.

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