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Side Wall Inside Latch Cover Injection Molded
Maternal-Infant Care
Giraffe OmniBed
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

The Side Wall Inside Latch Cover Injection Molded is used with an incubator which is an enclosed apparatus used for premature babies or neonates to provide warmth in a controlled and protective environment. It contains portholes on its sides for routing oscillator or ventilator tubing into it without lifting the hood door or disturbing the functioning of incubator. The doors which cover the portholes are attached to the side door having porthole cutouts by means of a hinge assembly and are swung open by pressing on the latch. This latch cover is used on the doors of an Incubator. It is used to open and close the door frequently. This latch cover is fitted inside the side panel (east or west) of the door kit. The material of the latch is FM090 acetal copolymer which is known as FORMOCON®. It is a polyacetal Polyoxymethylene (POM) copolymer and it is especially designed for injection parts. All burs and sharp edges have been removed. Ejector pin marks are flush ± 0.010 and the gate is flush ± 0.02. The latch cover has a finish of SPI D-2 which is a polishing standard on mold finish.

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