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Heater Bed Assembly - Giraffe™ Hybrid and Incubator - RoHS
Maternal-Infant Care
Giraffe Incubator
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

The Heater Bed and Harness Assembly is the assembly component of the upper chassis which is used in the Giraffe™ Incubator Carestation™ CS1. It is placed underneath the heatsink. It consists of the housing and contacts. The dielectric can with stand 1500VAC for 1 minute and the leakage current is less than 50 micro amperes under the condition that both leads maintained at 264VAC and the heater case is properly grounded. The leakage is measured between case and ground only. The Giraffe™ incubator Carestation™ CS1 provides an enclosed apparatus for premature babies by ensuring a controlled and protected environment for their care. It combines a modern microprocessor control with effective thermal performance and features like doors that allow access from either side, highly visible displays, controls that can be accessed from both sides of the incubator, and a larger bed surface with a rotating mattress option.

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