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M2 X 2.1 Inner Diameter 0.5 Split Ring Lock Washer
Maternal-Infant Care
Giraffe OmniBed
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

The Split Lock Washer is made up of stainless steel with passivated finish. Stainless steels are iron-based alloys, which contains a minimum of chromium around 10.5%. The presence of chromium offers corrosive resistance to stainless steel and helps to resist scaling at elevated temperature. It also maintains the excellent toughness, with this passivation finish maximizes the corrosion resistance. This washer is being used in many anesthesia machines in the medical field such as Maternal-Infant Care Giraffe™ OmniBed, Giraffe™ OmniBed, ARC Aespire 7900 and Maternal-Infant Care Panda™ iRES Warmer among others. Split ring lock washers are used to prevent nuts, bolts and screws from vibrating loose. Lock washers are split at a certain point and bent giving them a helical shape. In a variety of materials, these lock washers are pressed down adding extra pressure to the nut or bolt and material. This extra pressure creates a resistance to rotation. The edges or the split may add extra holding power by digging into the nut. Split ring lock washers are used where constant vibration occurs.

Compatible Products

Giraffe OmniBed

Giraffe OmniBed

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