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Light Pipe Kit Spot Phototherapy
5822533 M1062773
Maternal-Infant Care
Giraffe Spot
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

The Light Pipe Kit gives effective phototherapy for infants with high efficiency and it delivers therapeutic light energy to the patient. The kit consists of a light pipe assembly, packaging assembly and label. The light pipe assembly houses the lamp, controls universal power supply, cooling system and thermostat. The optic surfaces cannot be cleaned. If UV coating is damaged, the assembly component must be replaced. The exterior surfaces are to be free of debris, oils, dents, tears, punctures and adhesives. The packaging assembly contains a few components which are closed and sealed using reinforced adhesive backed tape. Labels are used to convey the information about the component. It is made up of satin litho paper with a pressure sensitive adhesive. The adhesive used has a minimum shelf life of 365 days. The inks used should be opaque and double ink can be used if required. This pipe comes as a part of ARC Aisys. It is highly reliable, durable and efficient and provides high performance in varying environments.

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