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Product Overview

The Optical Double Shaft Encoders are used in places where a higher degree of precision is needed. It can also be used in the applications, which requires a combination of resolution and durability. The optical double shaft encoder is an electro mechanical device that converts the circular or linear movement of shaft to digital signals. They are used to monitor or control variables such as direction, rate, speed, distance and position. The double shaft encoder has a /4 inch shaft with 25 detent positions and a 1/8 inch non-rotatable shaft. The 1/4 inch shaft connected with encoder is used to transfer rotary movement to the encoder and 1/8 inch non-rotatable shaft is intended to act as a pushbutton. LOT code with date of manufacture along with month and year is labelled in side of the encoder for easy identification. Rotary and pushbutton lifetime requirements are 1 million cycles respectively. These encoders are being used in MR Signa Optima HDxt 23 1.5T, UL LOGIQ E9, XV Innova 4100, UL LOGIQ 700, UL VOLUSON S6 and in many other systems.

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