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Gantry Encoder Assembly with Bush Nemicon
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Computed Tomography (CT)
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Product Overview

The Gantry Encoder Assembly is a custom designed part used in CT scanner equipment. The assembly is comprised of an encoder, cable, connector, bearing, screw, nut, adhesive and lock washer. The bearing is made up of high quality cold finished steel. The optical type incremental encoder generates an output encoded signal by allowing a LED light to pass through the transparent rotating disc. The encoder signal is amplified to a final output square wave signal. The encoder has built-in twisted shielded cables, 9-pin D-sub connector and cable clamps. This gantry encoder is being used in various medical machines such as PET Discovery ST 4-Slice, CT Revolution EVO 64/128-Slice, PET Discovery STE 8-Slice, CT Optima CT660 32/64/128-Slice, PET Discovery 600, CT Revolution EVO 64/128-Slice, PET Discovery ST HP 4-Slice, NM Infinia II

  • PET Discovery STE 16-Slice, CT LightSpeed 5.X RT 4-Slice, PET Discovery ST 128-Slice and CT LightSpeed 7.X VCT 64-Slice, among others.

Equivalent Part :

Below is more information on the equivalent parts. Parts without a hyperlink are listed for reference only and are not available for purchase online.

Equivalent partPart Details

SL4 ENCODER ASM, with-LED, with MD gear, ROHS


Axial Encoder Assembly - Shipping Collector


The Gantry Encoder Assembly consist of an incremental opt





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