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AMX FSE Battery Kit
Definium AMX700
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

The AMX FSE Battery Kit consists of the AMX 4+ battery assembly (4-pack and 5-pack), vertical battery spacer, sense board collector, battery trays and LRG straps. This battery is of lead-acid type battery. The lead acid battery is an electrochemical energy storage device. In case of power failure, these batteries are used as backup power for medical equipment. The lead acid battery has the ability to operate in any position without leakage. It is a highly rechargeable battery. It uses lead acid chemistry to store the potential energy in the form of electrons. The battery should be charged to deliver a minimum of 95% of rated capacity when received. The battery is suitable for stringent environmental conditions due to its performance characteristics. This battery pack is designed for use in the XR Optima XR220amx, XV Innova 2000, XF Precision 500D, Unassigned MV, XM Senographe 800T, Unassigned MV, XR AMX 5, XV INNOVA IGS 52, XM Senographe Essential, Unassigned MV XF Legacy and CT LightSpeed 3.X Ultra 8-Slice machines, among others.

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Definium AMX700

Definium AMX700

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