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LAT Detector Top Cover 21cm Refresh Edition
Interventional Image Guided Systems
Other Interventional Image Guided Systems
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

The LAT Detector Top Cover 21cm Refresh Edition is used in the interventional image guided systems, biplane image guided systems, and other Digital Imaging (DI) machines. The assembly consists of a detector top cover, back out bracket, back out button arrangement, hexagonal shaped socket head screws and other accessories that together form the LAT detector top cover arrangement. It is used in the top portion of the medical diagnostic equipment, inside which cables and other related parts are inserted. A silicon button will be installed at the center of the product and glue is used to stick the cables to the walls of the cover. The back out buttons will undergo continuity checks before packing. It is used for the electrophysiology procedures in health care. All parts of the assembly are made of high quality material that possesses good mechanical, electrical, thermal and chemical properties. The product is free from dust, burrs, sharp edges, surface blemishes, sink marks and flash marks. It is packaged with a label, containing relevant information about the product, a label with the shipment details and Quality Assurance (QA) seal. It is widely being used in machines like Innova IGS 620 Omega, Innova IGS Omega 6.3 and other similar machines.

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