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Collector, 4V-D
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Product Overview

The 4V-D Probe Collector helps you achieve strong performance on every examination. This probe is used in the Vivid E9 series device which is an ultrasonic imaging system. This transducer comes under volume phased array probe transducer category. The volume phased array system can sweep a sound beam through a range of refracted angles or along linear path or focus at a number of different paths which helps in both flexibility and capability in the inspection areas. This probe is specially designed and utilized to diagnose Cardiac, LVO Contrast, Stress, Fetal Heart and contrast low MI. The transducer is used to pick up the reflected waves from the organ location and send them to a computer. Then, this computer transforms this reflected wave into an image. Each and every part in the transducer assembly is manufactured using high precision techniques which helps to achieve a very good surface finish as well as good product consistency. The design has been made with patient and user comfort in mind, to help reduce stress without compromising diagnostic performance. The transducer has the power to acquire extraordinary images on every patient, with transducer technology that maximizes penetration without sacrificing resolution.

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Vivid E9

Vivid E9

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