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NSK-C4A01 Alphanumeric Keyboard
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

The NSK-C4A01 Alphanumeric Keyboard module is designed to use with Notebook PCs. A keyboard is an input device used to give input in the form of text and numbers into a computer or any other electronic machinery. An alphanumeric keyboard contains the functionality of both numbers and letters in the same keys. This keys typically has numbers and characters engraved and printed on them. The keyboard is connected to the system through the surface mount connector. It acts as a basic medium for the user to communicate with a computer. It also includes punctuations, special characters, function keys and multimedia keys, which are dedicated to the specific functions assigned to them. The control circuitry of the keyboard converts the key press into key codes and sends the signal to the display device such as monitors. The keys are designed with an excellent silent tactile feeling by switch-stroke up to 2.0 ± 0.3 mm full stroke. It has an integrated without pointing stick. The key module is pseudo N-key rollover, more than 2 keys being pressed at the same time are acceptable, except those keys are in the phantom position of the scan matrix. It endured life and environmental test for the trusted quality and performance. The NSK-C4A01 Alphanumeric Keyboard is being used in many medical machines such as XM Senographe DMR+, UL LOGIQ I, UL LOGIQ e, UL LOGIQ Book XP, UL LOGIQ P3 EXPERT, UL Vivid 3 and many other ultrasound systems.

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