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AMX4 Shock Absorbing Spring Caster
Definium AMX700
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

The AMX4 Shock Absorbing Spring Caster is a caster wheel that comes as a part of the mobile X-ray unit which is a radiographic system used for an imaging method diagnosis using X-rays. This mobile unit has four casters (wheels) - two front casters and two rear casters. These casters are loaded with springs and absorb shock and reduce the impact on the unit. The steel spring is attached to assembly. A single wheel made of flexible thermoplastic rubber is fastened to the rig, which is placed on the rim of caster wheel. The assembly is powder coated, providing a dense finish which makes it very durable. The caster provides a smooth movement, preventing the floor from scuffs and scratches. It is designed for use with medical equipment, which can be prone to damage or are considered fragile. These caster wheels absorb the shock vibrations and prevent noise or damage, thus providing the durability and maintaining the accuracy of the unit.

Compatible Products

Definium AMX700

Definium AMX700

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The AMX4 Shock Absorbing Spring Caster is a caster wheel

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