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Assembled U Channel, East Lift Rail, GH - RoHS
6600-1198-400 6600-1357-500 6600-1358-500 6600-1359-500 6600-1360-500 6600-1362-500 6600-1372-500 6600-1373-500 6600-1374-500 6600-1375-500 6600-1376-500 6600-1377-500 6600-1815-500 M1175977 M1175994 M1175998 M1189872
Maternal-Infant Care
Giraffe OmniBed
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

Assembled U Channel East Lift Rail consists of block chain adjust bottom, block chain adjust top, block chain bottom GH machined, block chain top GH machined, upper hub, lift chain steel 1/4 pitch GH, sprocket lift chain GH, shim steel lift chain GH, spacer lift chain GH, Screw M3 x 10 Button Head Screw SST, M3 x 20 Button Head Screw SST, M3 x 25 Button Head Screw SST, M3 x 16 Flat Head Socket Screw SST, Screw, M2 x 16.0 Phillips Pan Screw A2304, M2 x 0.4 Hex Nut SST, M3 x 0.5 Hex Nut SST, M3 x 3.2 ID 0.5 Flat Washer, M2 x 2.1 ID 0.5 Splk Washer, M3 x 3.1 ID 0.8 Splk Washer, M3 x 3.2 ID 0.4 Star Washer Int, Nut, M3 x 0.5 Lock Nut SST, Spring 0.54 OD x 0.75 Long, Bearing 0.316 x 0.251 x 0.15 6L, Roll Pin 0.125 Dia x 1.50 L, Rivet Pop 3/16 Htr Bracket, Pin Groove 0.094 x 0.50 SST, Mounting, Grommet Rubber 0.50 x 0.25 x 0.19, Spool Spring GH, Spring Switch Activator GH, Spring Constant Force Upper, Spring Constant Force Lower and Wire Harness Hood Position RoHS. These parts are assembled together to form a complete assembly. These parts are made of high precision method for good finish and to ensure a high degree of safety.

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Equivalent Part :

Below is more information on the equivalent parts. Parts without a hyperlink are listed for reference only and are not available for purchase online.

Equivalent partPart Details
  • Slip clutch roll pin / Slip clutch roll pin
  • Belt adjuster, bottom / Belt adjuster, bottom
  • Block adjuster, top / Block adjuster, top
  • Pa

Block Belt Bottom Giraffe Hybrid


Block Belt Cover Giraffe Hybrid


The Spring Switch Actuator - Giraffe™ Hybrid is a special

  • Lift belt / Lift belt
  • Part Category: Giraffe
  • Sprocket / Sprocket
  • Part Category: Giraffe O
  • Bottom sprocket axle / Bottom sprocket axle


  • Belt guide block / Belt guide block
  • Part Cat
M1175977 PART, Sprocket Bottom GP, Machined
M1175994 PART, Hub Upper GP, Machined
M1175998 PART, Guard Belt GP, Machined
M1189872 ASSY-LAU, SVC Kit Lift Rail Sproket/Idler, Finished good - B
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