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PCB Tuffsat Flex Circuit
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Product Overview

The PCB Tuffsat Flex Circuit is a custom designed flex probe socket assembly for the Tuffsat pulse oximeter. It is used to interface the TruSignal™ interconnect cable to the probe socket connector in-order to measure SpO₂ during clinical motion and low perfusion through a sensor probe assembly which attached to the finger of the patient. The connector assembly is comprised of a probe socket housing, 9 female contacts, a flex Printed Circuit Board (PCB), M15 x 1 hexagonal nut and SPCR probe socket. The probe socket is made up of an ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene and Styrene) plastic material that provided ideal characteristics for this product. The flex PCB is made up of high quality polyimide with silkscreen coated on the top side and bottom circuitry from a reliable electrical wire circuit, having excellent chemical, radiation and corona resistance property which makes it well suited for medical applications.

Compatible Products

TuffSat Pulse Oximeter

TuffSat Pulse Oximeter

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6050-0005-566 PCA 3000 FLEX PROBE ASSY
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