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Water Trap - Exhalation Housing BCG
Respiratory Care
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

The Water Trap is provided in the airway modules in an anesthesia device. It comes as a part of exhalation valve assembly while monitoring respiratory parameters of the patient. The exhalation assembly consists of a diaphragm, seal, housing, flow transducer, O-rings, spring and water trap along with a plunger. The plunger thrusts the used gases towards the water trap by means of the spring scavenged by means of exhalation valve during exhalation from the patients. The water trap gets the exhaled gases and can be emptied whenever more than half full. It provides protection for the respiratory module. It inhibits bacteria, viruses, water and contaminants from entering the respiratory measurement system. It is simple to handle and can be removed or installed on the assembly. It can be replaced periodically so that dust is prevented from blocking the BCG and also prevents leakage of gases to the atmosphere by providing a seal with the help of an O-ring. This part is compatible with ARC Carestation 600, MS DASH 4000, ARC Avance Carestation, ARC Engstrom Carestation and UL Voluson S10.

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Engstrom Carestation

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