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Valve Flow Cont BCG Anesthesia Compatible Mechanical
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Product Overview

The Flow Control Valve for Breathing Circuit Gas (BCG) module is a proportional flow metering valve. A proportional valve allows immeasurable positioning of spools hence providing immeasurable adjustable flow volumes. It is a normally closed, manifold mounted valve for continuous duty. Port A acts as an inlet and port B as outlet. With a valve powered fully open and 6 sl/min O2 flowing through a valve and the outlet at atmospheric conditions, the maximum pressure rise at the valve inlet shall be less than 115 mmHG (2.2 psig). As a filtration process it has 43 microns nominal screens at inlet and outlet ports. The valve is compatible to the media such as, Oxygen, Air, N2O, Inhalation Anesthetic Drug Vapor (Halothane, Isoflurane, Enflurane, Sevoflurane, and Desflurane). The valve is cleaned as per the criteria for cleanliness for Medium Pressure Oxygen Service (MPOS). The GE product is an Innovation and technology which fits well into versatile customer needs. It is manufactured using high precision techniques which helps to achieve a good surface finish as well as good product consistency. The part is diligently designed for high performance and reliability. It is securely packaged inside a high quality packing box to avoid physical damage during transit and labeled with details about the product, Quality Assurance (QA) seal and shipment details.

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